So much inspiration in spring! I love seeing green everywhere…




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Sometimes carb overload is good…

Coffee beignets

Beignets can turn a bad day good 🙂


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Another perfect Easter celebration

The main ingredients are great food, family and fun! The result is a wonderful holiday celebration.




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Sunday’s are for shrimp



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Really want to be at Jazzfest today….

It seems like I’m destined not to be able to make the first weekend of Jazzfest again this year… I’m looking forward to next week though! For now, at least the river looks awesome this morning. 🙂



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Al fresco lunch at Mi Casa in Covington

The weather was too perfect today not to eat lunch outside. Mi Casa is another restaurant on my favorites list. The wheat grilled chicken soft tacos are wonderful! The breeze and patio setting just added to the enjoyment.



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Art projects that don’t easily move on…


I have been working on this humongous photo collage piece for several months. It’s 4ft by 6 ft and takes up most of my drafting table in the studio. It was supposed to be a Christmas present…
It is turning out to be one of those pieces that just won’t move along.

I have them from time to time. Sometimes I just hit a wall with a project or painting and it just sits there like an elephant in the room. I notice it every time I go in the studio to work, but just ignore it for some reason. I will usually banish it to a corner where I forget about it. It will stay there for months or years sometimes until one day I rediscover it and finish it with lightening speed, wondering why I didn’t finish it way back then.

This piece is too big to banish! I am vowing to finish it before Mother’s Day because I need my drafting table for other projects and because I’m ready for it to move on and be enjoyed….

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